Why not Taking a PMP Class Before PMP Certification can Be the Biggest Pitfall in Your Career

Singup Today – PMP Certification In order for Project managers to raise up in the corporate ladder or in general boost their career, they should go for the PMP certification. This certification opens for you doors to achieve financial and professional success in life. On average, a project manager that has this certification earns more than […]

Is Never To Late To Obtaing Your PMP Certification

Change Your Habits to Improve Your Memory Sometimes it can be very embarrassing to experience memory lapses, especially, if you are in the middle of a conversation, that can influence a higher salary, maybe you decided that is time to obtain a project management certification, but, you always end up forgetting. Such a condition should […]

Tips from PMP in Denver

4 Golden Rules in Managing Project Risk   After attending a seminar about PMP Certification Classes in Denver, I gained a new level of understanding about risk management and the many benefits included in a proper analysis. The result of managing project risk is that you reduce the effect of project threats and take advantage […]

PMP or Lean Six Sigma Certification

Which program works best for your company Six sigma is a business strategy that was developed by the Motorola Company in 1981. The main aim of developing this business strategy was to improve the quality of process out puts in these manufacturing companies. It entails the use of statistical methods to help identify and eliminate causes […]

How Professionals Prepare for the PMP in Atlanta

PMP Exam To become a Project Management Professional, commonly short-termed as PMP, requires a project management training and a recognized certificate from the Project Management Institute. In fact, a report suggests that certified project management professionals are paid slightly higher salaries than other individuals due to their credentials. However, becoming a fully certified Project Management […]